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TAR John Alley
The Apostolic Revelation by John Alley-This book unveils a series of dynamic concepts that are crucial to the life of the church and the restoration of its apostolic power.  It establishes benchmarks for the apostolic ministry, and gives definition and substance to the new apostolic wineskin of the church.  Here is a revelation of apostolic methods, & God’s heart for the church and its leadership. $8.00
SOS John Alley-edThe Spirit of Sonship by John Alley – The “spirit of sonship” is an apostolic grace which brings about the spiritual maturity of the believer, the revival of apostolic Christianity, and ultimately, the maturity of the church in preparation for the coming of Christ.  This important book reveals that the values an heart attitudes of what we may call the spirit of sonship is the very nature and essence of authentic apostolic New Testament Christianity.  You will discover a fresh approach to understanding and walking in grace, through relationships.  $8.00 
The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence – Bro. Lawrence was a man of humble beginnings who discovered the greatest secret of living in the Kingdom of God here on earth-the art of “practicing” the presence of God in “one single act that does not end.”  He often stated that it is God who paints himself in the depths of our soul.  We must open our hearts to receive Him and His loving presence.  For nearly 300 years this unparalleled classic has given both blessing and instruction to those who can be content with nothing less than knowing God in all His majesty and feeling his loving presence throughout each simple day.  $3.00
Apostolic Evangelism JBApostolic Evangelism-Can You Hear the Call? by Jim Buchan – The author invites you to reach back into the early church and discover the important role of the Apostle.  As you read, you’ll find yourself developing a deeper desire for God and a deep desire to see the harvest unleashed as the church fulfills its calling.  $6.00    
Win Friends DCHow to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – One of the best known motivational books in history, Carnegie believed that most successes come from an ability to communicate effectively rather than from brilliant insights.  His book teaches these skills by showing readers how to value others and and make them feel appreciated rather than manipulated.  Readers can learn how to get the job they want, improve the job they have, and make the best of any situation.  $13.00
G2G Jim C
Good to Great by Jim Collins – How can good companies, mediocre companies, even bad companies achieve enduring success?  “This carefully researched and well-written book disproves most of the current management hype-from the cult of the superhuman CEO to the cult of IT to the acquisitions and merger mania.  It will not enable mediocrity to become competence.  But it should enable competence to become excellence.” (Peter F. Drucker)  $12.00 
5FoundationsFive Foundations for Marriage by Robert & Judson Cornwall – The Cornwall brothers—who have spent more than ninety years building and enjoying marriages that have stood the test of time—discuss five foundations for successful marriage: Open Communication, Basic Spiritual Unity, “Blend-able” Family Backgrounds, Sexual Compatibility, and Financial Responsibility.  $5.00
Silent Killers SCSilent Killers of Faith by Dr. Stephen Crosby – Crosby delivers a powerful punch in this expose on legalism as he shows that this ‘silent killer’ is a problem for all of us. Legal and performance-based religion is the most prevalent, unrecognized, and deleterious malady affecting the individual believer and the Church universal. Readers will be equipped to not only recognize the problem but to avail themselves of appropriate remedies to free themselves from legalism’s infectious disease.  $8.00
Loco RDLoco by Ron DePriest – A murderer on an inescapable mission from God follows a pattern he cannot prevent with a destiny God will not deny. This book gives hope and purpose to everyone who has ever asked—Why am I still alive? Ron DePriest’s shocking story touches the heart’s hidden depths to clarify life’s essential questions and illustrates God’s willingness to fix what people ruin.  $6.00
ComissioningCommissioning by Apostle Naomi Dowdy – While the New Apostolic Reformation is gaining momentum, further guidance, direction, and healthy boundaries are desperately needed.  With both apostolic wisdom and authority, the insights in this book will do much to propel and preserve what God is doing in the earth today.  $5.00
Caused Blessing RHThe Caused Blessing [Connecting Apostolic Power Through Strategic Giving] by Robert Henderson—When we function in firstfruits, our influence is felt for generations to come, especially throughout our lineage. God intends for our influence to far outlive our natural days.  $8.00
God's Covenant of Healing SJHGod’s Covenant of Healing by SJ Hill – This book is unique in that it tackles some of the toughest issues that must be raised in addressing this subject. God’s Covenant of Healing also deals with a number of obstacles that can prevent people from experiencing the healing power of God in their lives. While this book contains a very comprehensive study of the subject of healing, it’s a very easy read. The stories and illustrations will greatly encourage your faith!  $7.00

Image of God IKImage of God by Apostle Israel Kim – Why is there such an urgent identity crisis among Christians?  Perhaps 1) We forgot who created us and for what purpose, 2) We forgot who lives in us, 3) We forgot what we have!  Do not fear, your problem is solved! As you read this, you will find out that you’re destined for a great future because you were made in the image of God.  $6.00

Find your promis land IKFind Your Promised Land by Apostle Israel Kim – Since the fall recorded in Genesis, man has lost their identity, power and authority given to them by God. God brings us into the wilderness to prepare each believer to be able to release their potential. He wants to change our character and filter out all the unnecessary things that we have learned in this world.  Our wilderness experience will release the anointing that is upon our life. Everyone needs to go through their wilderness experience to receive the anointing of God.  $8.00
Law of REC MMThe Law of Recognition by Dr. Mike Murdock – Many say it is their favorite book outside the Bible. In this teaching you will learn to recognize the most important gifts in your life…24 Powerful Facts About The Uncommon Dream In Your Life, 7 Reasons God Will Schedule A Financial Deliverer Into Your Life, 28 Facts About Favor, & 10 Facts You Must Know About Your Assignment.  $8.00 
Sour Grapes DNNo More Sour Grapes by Don Nori – Who among us wants our children to be free from the struggles we have had to bear? Who among us wants the lives of our children to be full of victory and love for their Lord? Who among us wants the hard-earned lessons from our lives given freely to our children? All these are not only possible, they are also God’s will. You can share the excitement and joy of seeing your children step into the destiny God has for them.  This book is full of hope and help for you and others just like you.  $7.00
the Coming Shift LRThe Coming Shift by Larry Randolph – The world is standing at the threshold of an unprecedented shift. In light of this reality, we must embrace fresh paradigms of change and uncover the passageway that leads from the “old” to the “new”. To help navigate this critical transition, The Coming Shift reveals our need for change and transformation and presents a clear vision for the next step of our journey.  $6.00
12 PillarsTwelve Pillars of Success by Jim Rohn & Chris Widener – This novel will inspire you to take your life to the next level and beyond. It will challenge and encourage you to become the best that you can be! It blends together the fundamental principles and teachings of The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan, and with the help of Chris Widener, those principles have been weaved into a unique tapestry of a fictional account of three characters – Michael, Charlie and Mr. Davis. A few lessons from Twelve Pillars include: *Live a Life of Three-Dimensional Health *The Gift of Relationships *Achieving Your Goals and the Proper Use of Time *Surrounding Yourself with the Best People *Becoming a Life-Long Learner.  $6.00 [INCLUDES CD] 
Radical Riches DWRadical Riches by Dave Williams – Perhaps once in a lifetime a book like this comes across your path to provide you with the anointing and the tools for acquiring an abundance of wealth. This is your moment — right now. If you take action on the principles shared in it, you will come into the wealthy place. It’s not the readers but the doers who will become radically wealthy.  $8.00
satanstrat-CCSatan’s New Strategy by Chuck Clayton – With renewal breaking out all over the world, how do we keep from being seduced and therefore fulfill Luke 5:39?  Apostle Clayton skillfully outlines the evil one’s strategy in these last days outpouring, and what the church needs to do to update.  $3.00
Accountable Men CCAccountable Men by Chuck Clayton – This book addresses areas of Accountability that have been problems or concerns in most churches.  What does “accountability” in the New Testament mean, as contrasted to “faithfulness.”  $3.00

faith&Prophetic-CCFaith and the Prophetic by Chuck Clayton – The latter part of the 21st century saw the office of the Prophet and Apostle restored to the Church.  Apostle Clayton explains how faith in God for these two offices is being restored, which in turn will help equip the Saints.  He also discusses the four principles that cause a prophecy to be activated.  $3.00
biblical thinking hfBiblical Thinking and Confession by Hobart Freeman – Biblical thinking is resting your mind in the truth of what God’s Word says about your circumstances, & Biblical confession is boldly speaking forth the clear promises of God’s Word that apply to your situation and need.  This book teaches that Biblical thinking and confession begins with facing your need honestly, and turning to the only Source of help, the Lord Jesus Christ.  $3.00
NZH Minor ProphetsNahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk-Minor Prophets of the Seventh Century by Hobart Freeman – Offers a study of these prophets and the seventh century, and looks deeper at the nature of the messages of these three prophets: divine judgement.  “God’s purpose in such prophecy was to demonstrate his universal sovereignty over all nations, which would at the same time give comfort and consolation to the faithful that wickedness and oppression would ultimately be overthrown and that righteousness would prevail throughout the earth.” (from the Introduction by Dr. Hobart Freeman)  $3.00
sons view-ddA Sons View of Sonship by Dan Dyer is a dynamic and raw look at the heart of true sonship. In this series Dan Dyer will teach from a Sons perspective about God’s purpose, promise, prizes and prices of being properly aligned heirs of God. In this series you will learn about: Inheritance versus blessing, Knowing your enemy and choosing your battles, Sons are born for and through conflict, The force of favor and the law of representation, Honor.  $15.00
Holy Hormones
Holy Hormones by Dr. J. Ron Eaker offers you the tools and information you need to celebrate this life transition – based on the wisdom of the Bible.  Dr. Eaker shows how to conquer your physical symptoms with his scientifically proven program of hormones, herbs vitamin and mineral supplements, diet and prayer! $8.00
 Laws of Lifetime GrowthThe Laws of Lifetime Growth by Dan Sullivan & Catherine Nomura – In this inspiring book, the authors offer ten simple laws that will help you continue to grow throughout your life.  Through vivid real-life stories they illustrate each of these lawsand show how with just a slight shift of thinking – regardless of your age, income or position – you can use them to maintain a fresh, innovative perspective on the world around you and unlock your greatest abilities.  $5.00
Why Speak in Tongues
Why Speak in Tongues? by Hobart Freeman – The purpose of this book is to help Christians who have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit to understand more clearly why they should continue to speak regularly in tongues after their initial experience, and to help remove hindrances in those instances where they experience a lack of freedom regarding prayer in the Spirit.  $3.00  
Miracle Money
Miracle Money by John Avanzini – Our God is a God of miracles, and wherever He is miracles happen!  This book discusses the principles of giving to the Kingdom, and shares testimonies of poeple who have received “Miracle Money” as a result of their giving.  $3.00
Something Wonderful
The New Life…The Start of…Something Wonderful! by Dave Williams – Is a practical, point-by-point guide to experiencing a VICTORIOUS walk with Jesus.  Perfect for the brand-new-believer, this book is a great “How to” guide to: begin a regular prayer life, Overcome temptation, Read & study the Bible, Share Christ with others, select the right associates, and much more!  $3.00


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